Funding Sources

Funding for the Museum comes from the following sources:

Visitor donations - A donation kettle is at the front desk along with a guest registry book,

Memorials - In memory of family members after their death,

"Happy Birthday" donations - For someone who "has everything and doesn't need anything else", give a donation in their name,

"In Memory Of" and "In Honor Of" wall plaques - $100 and $500 donations,

Interest from investments, made with funds that remained from the land sale, after the purchase of the Independent Lumber Company building,

An endowment fund through the South Central Community Foundation at 107 W. 2nd, Pratt, KS, started by the son of Lucille Asher, author of several books on the history of some of the small communities of Pratt County, Additional donations can be made to this fund by contacting the South Central Community Foundation.